Omanut. Verein zur Förderung jüdischer Kunst in der Schweiz.

"Omanut" is the Hebrew word for art.

Since 1941, Omanut has been an active cultural society for the promotion of Jewish artists and cultural themes in Switzerland.

Omanut supports all the artistic disciplines: fine arts, film, literature, music and theatre.

Omanut organizes and hosts concerts, readings, exhibitions, screenings, shows and lectures, either single-handedly or in co-operation with other institutions, primarily in the Zurich area.

Omanut is an independent association, financed solely through membership fees and donations. Omanut is operated by a managing and programming committee of experts in the various arts, who donate their time and know-how on a volunteer basis.

Omanut welcomes both Jewish and non-Jewish members. Membership benefits include: reduced entry fees for Omanut events; invitations to special events; a subscription to our newsletter, sent by post and/or e-mail.

Omanut hosts events in German, French, English, Hebrew, Yiddish and other languages.

However, Omanut's official language is German: for more information on our events and activities, please see the German pages or contact us here.